Технические данные — механические параметры
Function Revolution counter
Display White numbers on black
Number of digits 6-digits
Digit height 4.5 mm
Zero setting Key reset by detachable key either at left or right shaft.
Count mode Adding in a rotational direction
to be indicated, subtracting in
reverse direction. 1 rev. = 1 count
Drive shaft Both sides, 4 mm
Operating speed 3000 rpm
Measuring range 999 999
Ambient temperature 0…+60 °C
Housing type Surface mount housing with mounting plate
Housing colour Grey
Dimensions W x H x L 69 x 48 x 28 mm
Dimensions mounting plate 60 x 70 mm
Mounting Base plate, 6 long mounting holes
Weight approx. 130 g
Materials Housing: Hostaform POM, grey
Base blate: steel zinc-coated