Технические данные — электрические параметры
Voltage supply 12…24 VDC
Current consumption 80 mA
Power consumption 2 W
Display LED, 7-segment display
Number of digits 6-digits
Digit height 7.6 mm
Function Totalizer
Difference counter A — B
Parallel counter A + B
Difference counter Up/down
Position display
Scaling factor 0.0001…9999.99
Count modes Adding or subtracting
Difference counting A-B
Total (parallel) A+B
A 90° B phase evaluation
Counting frequency 3 Hz, 25 Hz, 10 kHz programmable
Measuring range -99 999…+999 999
Data memory >10 years in EEPROM
Reset Button and electric
Keylock Yes, electric (keylock)
DIN EN 61010 1
Protection class II
Overvoltage category II
Pollution degree 2
Emitted interference DIN EN 61000-6-4
Interference immunity DIN EN 61000-6-2
Decimal point
Set value
Scaling factor
Count mode
Count frequency
Approval UL approval / E63076
Технические данные — механические параметры
Ambient temperature 0…+50 °C
Storage temperature -20…+70 °C
Relative humidity 80 % non-condensing
Connection Plug-in screw terminal connector
Soldering pins (flat)
Core cross-section 1.5 mm
Protection DIN EN 60529 IP 41
Housing type Built-in housing
Dimensions W x H x L 53.2 x 28.2 x 64 mm
60 x 37.5 x 61.3 mm
50 x 25 x 85.8 mm
Mounting depth 76.8 mm
Mounting Spring clip or screw mount
Socket box
Cutout dimensions 51 x 26 mm
Weight approx. 50 g
Material Housing: Noryl PPO, black