general data
version full metal
sensor type differential hall sensor
working distance max. 0,7 mm (module 1), 1,8 mm (module 2)
min. gear size > module 1
gear width > 6 mm
gear material ferromagnetic
electrical data
switching frequency range 1 … 20 kHz
voltage supply range +Vs 8 … 28 VDC
current consumption max. (no load) 20 mA
output A PNP
output B none
output current  
voltage drop Vd  
short circuit protection yes
reverse polarity protection yes, Vs to GND
mechanical data
type cylindrical threaded
housing material stainless steel
dimension 18 mm
housing length 60 mm
connection types cable FEP, 2 m
front of sensor durable against pressure 20 bar
ambient conditions
operating temperature -40 … +120 °C
protection class (sensing face) IP 68
protection class (sensor) IP 67