Основные параметры
mounting type flush
special type welding and magnetic noise
nominal sensing distance Sn 5 mm
hysteresis 3 … 20 % of Sr
output indicator 4 port LED red
Электрические параметры
switching frequency
voltage supply range +Vs 10 … 30 VDC
current consumption max. (no load) 10 mA
output circuit PNP make function (NO)
voltage drop Vd
output current
short circuit protection yes
reverse polarity protection yes
Механические параметры
type cylindrical threaded
material (sensing face) PTFE coated
housing material brass chromium plated
dimension 18 mm
housing length 60 mm
connection types connector M12
Параметры окружающей среды
operating temperature -25 … +75 °C
protection class IP 67