Основные параметры
type light barrier
version Tray and bottle detection
light source pulsed red LED
background position Sde 200 … 800 mm on V4A
minimal signal attenuation 30 %
alignment / soiled lens indicator flashing light indicator
power on indication LED green
output indicator LED red
sensing distance adjustment Teach-in and IO-Link
wave length 660 nm
Электрические параметры
response time / release time
voltage supply range +Vs 10 … 30 VDC
current consumption max. (no load) 35 mA
current consumption typ. 30 mA
voltage drop Vd
output function light / dark operate
output circuit push-pull
output current
short circuit protection yes
reverse polarity protection yes, Vs to GND
Механические параметры
width / diameter 14,8 mm
height / length 43 mm
depth 31 mm
type rectangular
housing material plastic (ASA, MABS)
front (optics) PMMA
connection types connector M8 4 pin
Параметры окружающей среды
operating temperature -30 … +60 °C
protection class IP 67