Основные параметры
type liquid level sensor
light source pulsed infrared diode
nominal pressure (probe tip) 10 bar
output indicator LED yellow
sensitivity adjustment no
wave length 880 nm
measurement type contact with medium
Электрические параметры
voltage supply range +Vs 10 … 30 VDC
current consumption max. (no load) 15 mA
voltage drop Vd
output function normally open (NO)
output circuit NPN
output current
short circuit protection no
reverse polarity protection yes, Vs to GND
Механические параметры
width / diameter 30 mm
height / length 81 mm
thread G 3/8″
type cylindrical
material (sensing device) polysulphone
housing material polysulphone
connection types cable 3 pin, 2 m
Параметры окружающей среды
operating temperature 0 … +65 °C
protection class IP 67